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Our pre-emptive approach to medical practice management delivers up to 37% more money into your account

A proven 98% medical collection rate

Affordable and international healthcare practice management services

Average medical collection rate

Average increase
in monies for clients

We offer an unmatched 98% medical billing recovery rate

Welcome to Xpedient, the medical business specialists with a pre-emptive business management approach that is delivering an unmatched and proven 98% collection rate to medical practices nationally within South Africa and internationally. Our goal is to allow Medical Specialists to focus on their core competencies and allow us to assist them in making their business a success. We do this by being a billing company, an advisory service, a bureau/administration house, and much much more. Importantly we are the best in our field and we are so confident in this that our business model is based on received money in your bank and not on your turnover. This means you can rest assured that we are working 24/7 to achieve the 98%+ results we advertise.

We are the only company in the country that has "xpedite" our in-house Data modelling suite that powers us to identify your internal needs to achieve these results, irrespective of your location, specialty or rates you charge.

Full medical practice management

  • Free switching system and support
  • Medical invoicing as well as mobile billing delivery system
  • PMB claim management, motivations and advice
  • WCA/IOD advice and management
  • Medical aid and patient management on your behalf
  • Medical billing collections and reconciliations in real-time
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Analytics with xpedite

We collect and analyse data to advise on which medical aid plans you should or should not be signed into. We are constantly checking, assessing and ensuring you are charging the correct rates and using the correct codes for procedures. Xpedient is currently averaging a 37% increase in income for all who have become our clients.

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Our service process and fees

How do we achieve a 98% successful medical collection rate? We provide each practice with a comprehensive suite of services, resources and tools, and consultative advice. We are firm believers in being paid only for the results we achieve, which means that our success, is based on your success.

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